You Can Clean Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar In Powerwash Simulator Today


The overlap of Powerwash Simulator fans and Final Fantasy VII diehards hits in full force today, thanks to the launch of a free DLC pack for the popular sim. You can use your high-pressure hose to blast dirt and grime off of popular locations in Midgar, and the best part is that the experience is totally free.

The Midgar Special Pack is available now for all versions of Powerwash Simulator. It adds five new levels, including Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar and the Mako Energy Exhibit. Additionally, you’ll be cleaning up vehicles and mechs such as Cloud’s Hardy-Daytona motorcycle, Shinra Hauler, the Scorpion Sentinal, and the Airbuster. The pack also adds new dirt types, such as bio-residue. 

This DLC was created in collaboration with Square Enix, with Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura writing in a press release, 

“When I heard about the proposal for a collab, I was quite busy with various other collabs and reviews, but I was especially excited about this one. I had just been playing PowerWash Simulator and was daydreaming about cleaning things from my titles. My immediate response was, ‘let’s wash the entire Shinra building.’ Unfortunately, that seemed to be a bit difficult, but the final line-up is exciting, nonetheless. This is something I have been looking forward to a lot, and hope everyone has a great time!”

This pack follows a Tomb Raider-themed expansion that launched in January. This is a pretty neat trend, and see other video game properties added to the game that are in need of good clean-up. 

Powerwash Simulator is available now for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch, and PC. 

Source: Game Informer