You Have To See This New Skate Story Trailer

Today during Devolver Digital’s Summer Game Fest live stream, a new trailer for Skate Story was revealed. And honestly, you just need to see it. It looks so cool. Check it out: 

For the uninitiated, Skate Story has been floating around for a while. Since 2020, developer Sam Eng has been slowly revealing the game on their own personal Twitter and the official Skate Story account. For the most part, these have been small gameplay videos. But today’s trailer finally gives us a peek at the game’s story – or at least its general premise. That being, per the trailer, “You are a demon made of glass and pain and yet you must skate.” What more could you need? More than that, we got extended looks at gameplay, including the unique art style. The camera angle and shake also look about as close to a real skate video as any video game’s gotten thus far.

I don’t mean to gush over a game I haven’t played yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on Skate Story. Luckily, it’s expected to come out on PC next year.  

Source: Game Informer